Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Art of criticizing

Lesson learnt in today's class.

When you are about to criticize somebody's idea, take a step back and make sure your words gonna be constructive ones.

When someone criticized you, breathe in breathe out. Close your eyes or perhaps you may take nap 3 to 4 rounds or maybe not. Ehem, cliche statement 'ambil yang jernih, kokok yang keroh' . Don't be defeated, morose or what so ever-lah. Hey come on, this is not the end of the world!

When you just criticized someone, never think that people gonna hate you. Nak ah. *geleng2. Say this to yourself, 'hey, I just helped him'. Be coolest as possible. *makan roti, kunyah sambil berjalan. Oh this one is NOT cool at all! *pretending as if nothing had happened!

Oh ya, not to forget to take qaylullah before going to class or else you end up being blurred. 
ehem. -_-" and hey it's Sunnah!

got the point?

yeah, i could post this since i have gone through my 'downturn' after being criticized and this is what i call, 'the art of criticizing'

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