Friday, March 15, 2013

Freshly started

Future genius Muslims  inshaAllah

MashaAllah, terlopong mulut tengok budak berusia 8 or 9 tahun ni. MashaAllah mashaAllah!! Bukan sebarangan budak yang kami panggil untuk repair motor. Oh ye, budak. Gayanya memang setanding otai2 motor. Mungkin

Ok mulut masih terlopong! Sedikit jakun di sini

Nature of man I guess, benda yang rare dan pelik memang menjakunkan. Tak hairanlah dalam konteks dunia Malaysia hari ini, kanak-kanak Muslim Malaysia yang fasih melafazkan malah telah menghafaz ayat-ayat Allah menjakunkan ramai lebih-lebih lagi mereka adalah golongan yang teramat muda dan kelihatannya agak IMPOSSIBLE untuk mereka lakukannya. Yea, sebab mereka terlalu muda. -_-" Sampaikan kita biarkan mereka hanyut dengan dunia rekaan. Keseronokan yang direka dengan hiburan dan pegangan Islam tampalan. herm!!!

Come on!! Stop stopping kids from being exposed, possessed and whatnot  with real Islamic world at their young age. There is one sister well I mean Malay sister whom I love so much for Allah's sake, she has a 5 or 6 years old son and what she always does to her son is to talk, teach, live, blalala on ISLAM. MashaAllah. For my whole life, this is the first child I've ever met who talks about Jannah, Jannah, Jannah, Islam, Islam, Islam almost all the time except I guess the time he slept, bathed, played... SubhanAllah! Are you proud enough seeing your children singing the latest single by Justin Bieber? or acting like they are the greatest actors in the making? Come on, think again. This kid, he even recites the verses of the Qur'an that he has memorized while doing some homeschooling activities as drawing, word puzzling, whatnot. Which mom on earth would not be proud to have this kind of RARE child, even more than that feeling. subhanAllah!

"Mummy, I can get this in Jannah right?" while waving his toys
"Mummy, does Jannah have this?"
blalalala...(moreless like this)

This mashaAllah kid, you can see him mostly in the masjid because the mother taught him to make masjid as their second home. She teaches him like everything like memorizing the Qur'an, praying on time in jama'ah, maths and blalalala. I believe homeschooling is much more effective before kids get to know things before they step out from the house. Hey, the first madrasah starts from our home.
Before they see the world using the wrong lens, we have to give and guide them to use correctly the actual lens, guided by the Shari'ah.
I remember when last time I joined a seminar delivered by sis Tasneem where she mentioned that women are half of the society and they need to build the other half by being EDUCATED MOTHER which means....women are the whole society. Isn't it true? Oh please be proud of being a sister Rayyan, and by being the one not just as a woman but as a real woman like the time of salafus soleh. inshaAllah. inshaAllah!!!

::::super heavy reminder for myself who is imperfect, before others::::

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