Sunday, December 1, 2013


I met kids at their kids' ages and teens at theirs growing stage. Unsurprisingly, most of them are facing problems according to their theme of age whether bad behavior, emotional destruction, problems at school and their studies and the list goes on and on.

I believe these problems are caused by a sole root but it has several small branches of roots. The main root is the parents. I'm not simply said it, there is a good explanation of it.

Some might not agree with me. This is what I'm trying to point out. My opinion is based on what I observed and what I experienced. So, everyone is free to disagree and click X button on top. ;)

House supposedly should be the first madrasah or school of children. From house, parents could teach their kids to recognize the deen/ religion, read, reflect and react upon the deen and its teachings, memorize the Qur'an, inculcate Tawheed or Oneness of God as it is the foundation of everything. It depends on parents. If they teach the kids how to dress like popstars or how to live as a celebrity, then that what their future will be.

Just think, how many times parents normally spend of their quality times with their children? In average? Just look at your family and people around you. If let say they spend 3 hours per day. What do they usually do TOGETHER? Yeah, eating, watching TV. But what together is togetherness, by eating together with silent mode on? By watching TV by the father with grumpy face and mother enjoying her dramas with tears flowing down on cheeks and the children are making noises, distractions, messing up with everything in the house? At the end, kids end up crying as they got pinched by the father. This is just an EXAMPLE. Might be the real story of somebody, right?

The house is like haunted house or even worse than that. Hope you know what I'm saying. Allahu musta'an. :'(

Ok, some would say, 'You know, parents are working during days and they are tired once reach at home they have to handle kids and their couple. Give them some times! Come on~'

Then, I ask you: What is your intention of having kids in the first place? Or perhaps, what did you get married in the first place?

I read a post posted by Ustazah Fatimah Syarha on facebook as she told the story of her 2 years old daughter. Her daughter was praying isha' alone and reciting surah al-baqarah verse 225 smoothly and after the prayer that kid asked her teddy bear why he did not pray together with her. here :D Impressive, subhanAllah! MashaAllah! Her daughter is just 2 years old. Surely, the mother has  crystal clear purposes of raising up her children. She made it and inshaAllah will continue making progress of fulfilling her intentions.

She also mentioned that kids are the best copiers at their young age as they will do whatever their parents do. If the parents often play Quranic recitation and recite ALONG whether in the car whenever they send their children to the school or the mother do the dzikr  or recite memorized verses of Quran while cooking, children are observing and trying to do the same! Trust me! So, let them familiarize and get them excited with overflowed awesomeness of Qur'an. THIS might help. Hopefully inshaAllah. :D

Parents should be able to create the environment in the house which suits spiritual and emotional needs of their children.

Parents should not ignore their kids' voices! Embrace them! Entertain them! Befriend with them! As the Prophet sallallahu'alayhiwassalam has taught.

I'm just annoyed seeing the parents 'ignoring' the children.
Is it a sign of punishment or we are being tested by Allah???

May Allah forgive me and all of our sins. Allahumma ameen..

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