Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Disbelieve to believe!

Seeing is believing. This cliche statement seems to be agreeable and sometimes not to me.
Two scenarios.
1st: when a preacher tries to convince a not yet muslim guy to embrace Islam and prove that Islam is the way of life. YET, manners n attitude of the preacher himself aint represent the true color of Islam. Example, he couldnt control his anger, reckless driving style and etc. Thus the not yet muslim believes what the preacher said is nothing but lies.
Aint seeing is believing?
2nd: when a man said to his parents that he wanna start up a business. YET, since the business aint there to prove his credibility and ability of doing so, the parents end up disbelieving. Because their stand is that...
...seeing is believing.
How pathetic!

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