Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Staying steadfast after Ramadhan

I know, I know still in Sha'baan. Yet, we can start putting the aim before shooting right. Knowing what should be doing and what should be done right before, during and after Ramadhan. Just get the Ramadhan kit prepared!

This is the lesson or would say the reminder by Sheykh Alaa on staying steadfast after the special month of the year! Yeah~ as the reminder for those who are!

You learn something about yourself during Ramadhan. If you CAN leave halal things, that is NOT impossible to leave haram things.

*your eyes are like camera lenses
*your ears and mouth are MP3
*your mind is a modem
*your heart is a hardrive

everything you SEE, HEAR and SAY are downloaded and will be uploaded in the Judgment Day! Will you be proud of your DVD or will you hide it?

Are you worshiping ar-Rahman or Syaitan?

Are you Abu Bakr in public or Abu Jahl in private?

Here provided Ramadhan kit as Lesson to those who fast. Alhamdulillah

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