Saturday, July 6, 2013

Be strongly firm as firmly standing of Mount Uhud

Some guys would prefer women who cover their awrah 'properly'. But how proper is proper? At least to them? Well, is that the sole focus that potentially-to-be-married women should be considered? Yes indeed it is a good consideration! At least covering awrah is a part of the religion commitment. Yet, it does not just hang or stop there. There should be at least a list of preference or consideration for anyone to get married with. Heh! is A tips for you. Sisters. If you have found a potential guy NOT to be 'dating with' before marriage but to be together after marriage, don't put your level lower. Don't ask that guy whether...

'Should I do this?' 
'Should I be like this?' 
'Do you like if I....' 
'Would you prefer if...'

C'mon, be firm with your stand. With yourself. Your level. Tell the guy that..

'I am this kind of person...
'I want this...'
'I don't like...'
'Here are my principles...'

Be strongly firm as firmly standing of Mount Uhud

Your are not selling yourself sisters. It is not about 'your price' whether should be put it higher or otherwise. It is about being yourself parallel to your stand. your principles. If he accepts you as you are, then glad tiding!

And, this is not about being resistant to chance. Nope! My opinion, if he could accept your stand or principles now, may be he has the similarity with your principles and knowledge as you possess or perhaps more than that. In the future time, I mean after marriage, he would be available to correct you if you have done something wrong and he himself ready to be corrected. InshaAllah. Bi'ithnillahita'ala

After all, your couple (husband/wife) is the reflection of yourself as mentioned by Dr Muhaya. Allah knows the best and may He bless us all.

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