Thursday, January 10, 2013

acting on knowledge is essential


dear Rayyan,

Allah did not say that for you, the benefit is equal to how much you know but Allah said the benefit is equal to how much you do. The reward of deed is when you do that deed. Let say, you know the huge reward of certain action that Allah has promised, but you dont practice even you know it, then you will get nothing.

Have knowledge coupled with taqwa. Taqwa comes with actually understanding and fear of Allah. Learn one thing and practice it. Don't be like syaitan, they have a lot of knowledge but they don't have taqwa. This sort of knowledge will lead to wrong path. Knowledge should bring you to the right path, to the Jannah.

The issue is taqwa. In the heart, there is fear of Allah. The person who has little knowledge which he practices and he has taqwa is far superior to an 'alim who has all the knowledge about the books but he did not practice. Even worse, who takes the knowledge, misuses it and creates fitna for himself and those who are foolish to follow him.

Let's take advantage with what you know.
Practice what you know.

:::sheykh yawar baig:::


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