Wednesday, May 29, 2013


"Aaaaaaa, I am sleepy man" 
"Hey, stop yawning, see now yawning virus is on me. Aaaaaa" 
"Huh? Hahahaha. It spreads very"
My question, which hand did the Prophet sallallahu'alayhiwassalam use to cover his mouth when yawning?? O_o

Ok, think over the question and just leave it hang there for a while. Let's talk about our Zeroes. Shaitoon.

Sheykh Bary Yahya has explained explicitly and it was very profound to know more about this arrogant-die-hard kinda enemy. Shaitoon. He reminded us to always start doing something by saying Basmallah or Bismillah because it will be a partition between you and Shaitoon. Say bismillah before entering to the toilet and they will not see you. Temporarily blind. Bi'iznillah.

You know, they try their best to steal and decrease our rewards. Just look at ourselves before performing the prayer. Once we say 'Allahu akbar', the whisper begins and everything is messed up. You know what I'm saying. o_O

So back to the sheykh again, he reminded us the power of Sunnah which will be a fortress from the evilness and trick of shaitoon. How? Increase the Sunnah, make the Sunnah alive. Anything that stops us from doing good is Shaitoon. Whenever you feel hard, burdensome or whatever to do good, just do it! Kill them all. Oh choop..Let them cry like crazy since we can't kill them physically apparently.

Now, back to the question. But before answering that question, another question is, 'Did the Prophet sallallahu'alayhiwassalam yawn?'


The Prophet sallallahu'alayhiwassalam never yawn. Even other Prophets because yawning is from Shaitoon. Yeah from Shaitoon, the ones that we have talk-talked above. Sheykh explained that everyone has Shaitoon in them including the Prophet sallallahu'alayhiwassalam but his, was converted to Islam. Allahu a'lam.

Try our best not to yawn. Hold it back as hardest as possible. Yeah! Aaaaaaaa....Are you about to yawn when you see the picture? or you did yawn. Hahaha..

You know what, when someone yawns, you will be yawning too because it gives Shaitoon idea to make you yawning. So, don't yawn! It is from Shaitoon..

Allahu a'lam...peace!
-dont yawn.

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