Friday, April 12, 2013


I joined a program last time and right after the speaker ended his speech, I stood up to get a better seat then I saw a sister crying on her friend's shoulder. I was wondering what made her crying. Was something happened to her family? Did she just receive bad news or what? I couldn't bear it then I approached them and asked what happened?

Her friend said. "She is touched."

I tried to recall what the speaker had delivered and none words of him would make me cry as she did. Nothing would make me feel touched as she felt. I realize that we think any word we say or share is just nothing, it is just biasa-biasa aje, words that have come across our ears many times. In and out. It stops us from conveying good words even a word. But, in fact Allah knows, perhaps there will be a person who will benefit and feel touched with our biasa-biasa words and he/she might change and become a better person and you, get the ajr (reward) without you realize it. Lumayan!

May Allah grant and put wisdom and understanding in our word and action. Ameen. 
smile, it is Sunnah...:)

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