Tuesday, April 9, 2013

#10 while you are single

We should therefore use our time wisely and strive to better the half of our deen that we actually have control over. Seek knowledge at every opportunity, learn the Qur'an even if it's one verse a day, learn about our rich Islamic history and the great personalities that contributed to it, take up a new hobby, read beneficial books, travel, get involved in charity or dawah work, learn a new language etc. Have a fulfilling life before marriage for marriage is not just about being married, but also about how stimulating and blissful this bond should be. And if you are happy single, you will be happier in marriage. But, if you are miserable single, you will be just as miserable in marriage for another person doesn't hold your happiness in their hands. And the Nikkah (marriage) contract does not come with magic potion!

*-* contemplate over this rayyan!
you have to!
you have to!

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