Sunday, March 31, 2013

A fullstop?

I know a couple who has been together for such a long time and now the wife is having health problem and needs "the man/husband" to take care of her like all the time. Yet, "the man" is complaining to others as if he doesn't like taking care of a sick old wife. Yeah, his actions explain well.

I was thinking. Is that kind of marriage that I'm looking for? Big time! I don't want to be married while ''I am young, active, healthy''. I wanna pursue my marriage life till my last breath bi'iznillah if there is khyr in it. Why can we be romantic, gentle, holding hand by hand in public, looking to one another with affection and mercy when we are an old couple? Like a newly married couple? :'(

 "O Allah, Grant us in our spouses and offspring the joy of our eyes."

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